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Top FIFA World Cup 2022 Betting Sites in India

Cover image for post FIFA World Cup 2022 Betting Sites
FIFA World Cup 2022 Betting Sites
Top FIFA World Cup 2022 Betting Sites in India

One of the most exciting sports events is here!

We know you’re looking for the best FIFA World Cup 2022 betting sites in India, and we’re here to deliver.

Keep scrolling to see the top World Cup betting sites, tips, tricks, and more!

Betting on the FIFA World Cup

The highlight for everyone interested in football is the 2022 World Cup, which will take place in Qatar from November 20 to December 18, 2022.

Betano is the official online betting site supporting the European betting market.

India’s top FIFA World Cup betting sites are already competing to deliver the best odds.

The 32 teams participating in the World Cup have qualified for the event through their respective regional tournaments.

The World Cup’s qualifying rounds began as early as 2019 and should be completed a few months before the event.

The competing national teams in the 2022 football World Cup were divided into eight groups of four, where they would all play one another in the opening round.

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Saudi Arabia
Group EGroup FGroup GGroup H
Costa Rica
South Korea
FIFA World Cup 2022 Groups

The favourites to win the 2022 World Cup include Brazil, France, England, Spain, Argentina, and Germany.

How to Bet on the World Cup

Betting on the World Cup is easy and will take only a few steps.

1. First, you’ll need to find a trustworthy betting site.

We know this isn’t the simplest task, so we tested India’s favourite sportsbooks and chose the safest ones for betting on the FIFA World Cup.

So, if you’re unsure which sports betting site to choose, check out our list.

2. After you find a sportsbook that satisfies your betting needs, you must create an account and confirm your identity.

Depending on the sportsbook, the KYC process might take anywhere from a few hours to several days, but it’s worth going through for your safety.

Apart from the security, you need a verified betting account to withdraw your winnings.

3. After you create a betting account, you need to make a deposit.

4. Then, find a match you want to wager on, choose the betting market, and place a bet.

And that’s it! Now, you can enjoy the World Cup and have fun betting.

FIFA Betting Odds

Odds are one of the most important things to consider when placing a bet.

The better odds you find, the more money you could potentially win.

Before placing a bet, we recommend you check and compare the odds at a few sportsbooks to ensure you find the best ones.

The odds for big events such as the football World Cup may change from hour to hour, so be sure to check them a few times throughout the day.

Let’s see what the odds are for the first match of the World Cup — Qatar vs. Ecuador.

Qatar vs Ecuador

As you can see from our table, 22Bet offers the best odds for both the favourite and the underdog.

This means that if you bet ₹100 on Qatar or Ecuador, you can win ₹326 or ₹238, depending on who wins.

World Cup Betting Markets

Every fan knows that the world of football betting offers numerous betting markets.

This can slow down your decision-making process, so we decided to present you with the most popular betting markets for the 2022 World Cup.


This is the simplest bet on the market, so we recommend it for beginners.

With this bet type, you’re wagering on the team you think will win the match.

You can usually bet on this market months before the World Cup begins.

Group Winner

As we mentioned, eight groups are in the opening or the Group Stage.

With this bet type, you’d be wagering on a winner of a group.

Moreover, you can bet on all groups or just one.

We advise you to go through World Cup predictions and stats to evaluate the forms of teams and players and make an informed bet.

Goal Line

This is a football-specific version of the point spread type of bet.

The goal line bet is a handicap bet where the bookmakers give an underdog team an advantage.

You’re most likely to see a goal-line bet of -1.5, meaning the favourite would need to win by at least two goals.

If two heavy favourites play in one match, you might even see odds of -2.5 or -3.5.

Top Goal Scorer

You can place a wager on the tournament’s top goal scorer in this market.

The biggest names don’t typically perform well in this market since their competitors mark them.

But there can always be a surprise.

Double Chance

You can bet on two different outcomes in this market: a team’s chance of winning or drawing.

We advise you to bet on this market when betting on matches involving underdog teams.

Special Markets

Of course, every sportsbook will offer betting on special markets such as:

  • Most yellow cards
  • Most red cards
  • Player of the tournament, etc.

These markets are unique, so make sure to check a few sportsbooks before placing a bet.

World Cup Golden Boot Betting

The top goal scorer of the entire FIFA World Cup receives the Golden Boot award.

Consider choosing favourite teams when choosing a player to bet on.

Let’s illustrate this with an example.

Suppose Switzerland has a player who seems to be set to be the top goalscorer.

However, because it will be up against elite teams like England and Brazil, the Swiss team might not make it past the competition’s group stage.

We advise you to bet on a player whose team will attend the World Cup finals or at least get through the quarterfinals.

If you’re into betting on the go or want your favourite sportsbook with you 24/7, you could also download a betting app.

Betting apps are a convenient way to always have the latest info on matches, odds, and statistics.

Football World Cup Betting Tips

While World Cup betting involves a bit of luck, you should always make an educated bet to increase your chances of winning.

Here are some tips to improve your betting strategy.

Check Out Predictions and Player Stats

Keeping your eye on the World Cup betting predictions is crucial.

Prediction specialists monitor the news coming from different camps.

They share the information with bettors to increase the likelihood of betting on the proper markets.

Follow the Matches

You should watch the matches or follow the World Cup news for updates.

This will give you a feel for different teams and players’ forms and help you make the best decisions possible throughout the competition.

Try Parlays

Parlays, or accumulators, are multiple bets you can combine into one big bet, potentially bringing you higher winnings.

You could try parlays and bet on multiple matches and markets during the World Cup.

However, you should note that losing one bet on the parlay bet slip means losing all bets, so we recommend this one for seasoned bettors.

Be Aware of Potential Handicaps

Keep your eye on elements like injuries, weariness, and bookings.

It’s possible that important players will occasionally be sidelined for one or more of these causes during the World Cup

This could have a significant effect on odds and match handicaps.

Take Advantage of Betting Bonuses

Every sports betting site offers some bonus or promotion.

However, most sportsbooks will offer special promotions and betting bonuses during big events such as the World Cup.

Track these offers and make sure to use as many as you can to maximize your potential winnings.

Play Safe

You should always put your judgment above your feelings; hence, you should never put your entire betting budget on one bet.

Instead, you should make a few smaller bets rather than risk your money on one game.

Spreading out your bets throughout the World Cup can increase your chances of winning and prevent you from going broke due to one or two unexpected outcomes.



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