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Who We Are and What We Do

Welcome to LegalBet India, your home for the most up-to-date information on online gambling and betting in India.

Started in 2022, LegalBet India aims to provide you with tried and tested betting apps and site reviews, help you keep up with all the latest news, and guides to help you bet right.

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Our Process: How We Review Betting Sites

Online betting and gambling in India is a legal grey as no laws ban it. But since the government does not regulate these platforms either, choosing reliable sites is a real challenge. And so, to ensure you don’t fall prey to scams, we do the hard part for you.


Our goal is to highlight the good, bad, and ugly, of the betting sites available in India so you make better choices and have a seamless experience.

How do we do this? With fact-based, useful content that falls under three main categories:

Content Categories

logo Betting Sites Reviews

Betting Sites Reviews

We test each aspect of the apps and websites in India, like deposits, withdrawals, bonuses, UX/UI, etc. to provide in-depth and accurate information. You have all the necessary information to compare, contrast and bet.

logo Educational Guides

Educational Guides

From debunking ‘fool-proof strategies’ to helping you improve your knowledge about the various markets, betting types, etc. this is all the info you need to learn and get better at betting.

logo News and Articles

News and Articles

Since each state in India has its own laws and regulations for online gambling and betting, the news section helps you stay up to date with the latest updates on legality, market trends, etc.

We can only achieve this with a thorough process to review betting sites. Whether it’s the good, the bad, or the ugly, we’ll reveal it all to ensure you can make an informed decision. Through the help of user surveys, infographics, and statistics, we also aim to raise awareness about responsible gambling.

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Our Business Model

We are an independent project that provides users with detailed guides and information on betting in India. We do not charge our users for the content they view, but we do make the site profitable by using affiliate marketing.

item-icon When you decide to click on one of our recommended gambling sites and sign up, we get a small commission.
item-icon Affiliate marketing is a widespread business model, and you can find it on all product comparison sites, even those that compare flights or accommodation.
item-icon While we do need this monetary compensation to keep our project going and pay our teams’ salaries, we believe that honesty and integrity should be at the heart of the brand.
item-icon We also review betting sites with no affiliation that might be of interest to our readers. In simpler terms, if we spot Product X that we can’t get a commission for, it won’t stop us from spending time reviewing it. If it’s valuable information for our users, it’s important to us, regardless of monetary compensation.