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Fast Withdrawal Betting Sites in India in 2023

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Fast Withdrawal Sites
Fast Withdrawal Betting Sites in India in 2023

If you have won some money betting online, we’re sure you’d like to have the winnings in your account as soon as possible, right?

So, we did all the digging for you and compiled a list of fast withdrawal betting sites.

Here’s a detailed guide on everything you need to know about fast withdrawals. Read on!

India’s Fastest Withdrawal Sites

No matter if you’re a seasoned bettor or just a beginner, you probably have a favourite payment method that you’d probably want to use for withdrawing your winnings.

To help you make the best decision, we created a list of the sportsbooks and their fastest withdrawal methods (at the time of writing).

Withdrawal MethodSportsbook (max withdrawal time)Sportsbook (max withdrawal time)
eWallets22Bet (15 mins)1xBet (Instant)
UPI1xBet (15 mins – 1 hr)22Bet (15 mins)
Cryptocurrencies10Cric (24–48 hrs) Parimatch (15 mins – 12 hrs)
Netbanking10Cric (48 hrs) Parimatch (30 mins)

Why Some Betting Sites Have Faster Payouts Than Others?

The speed at which some payment methods are processed will vary depending on the sportsbooks.

For example, some online betting sites might have an exclusive partnership with an eWallet so that they will process those payments more quickly.

More importantly, the speed will depend on the operator’s internal process.

Some sportsbooks have more manpower and are able to process payment requests much faster.

There are no rules for why some sportsbooks might be faster than others.

What Are Fast Withdrawal Sites?

As the name implies, these instant payout sports betting sites process withdrawals much quicker and easier than others.

Fast withdrawal betting sites and apps have the shortest winnings-to-withdrawal times, enabling you to cash out your winnings quickly.

Since they offer various betting payment methods that allow instant withdrawals (or, very close to instant; think 10-15 minutes), several of these sportsbooks also qualify as instant withdrawal betting sites.

However, fast withdrawals are dependent on several factors, so here are some tips for ensuring your withdrawal will be fast:

Verify All Your Documents

You must first go through a quick Know Your Customer (KYC) process with the fast withdrawal betting site of your choice.

This is an essential procedure that helps prevent financial fraud.

Verifying an account is simple and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

You must upload the required documentation and data, such as your name, birthplace, and occasionally, evidence of residency.

The bookmaker may need up to 72 hours to confirm these details, but you should expect a hassle-free experience once they have.

Check the Withdrawal Limits

Let’s say you’ve been successful at betting on cricket competitions or won some money betting on horses.

Of course, you’d want to withdraw all your winnings at once.

Before you do that, please note that the maximum amount of money you can withdraw is capped by sportsbooks.

This limit differs for each payment option but also varies based on the bookmaker in question.

For instance, you might receive a somewhat smaller limit with VISA, MasterCard, or bank transfers compared to eWallets.

Pay Attention to the Sportsbook’s Withdrawal Processing Times

Before your winnings get to your preferred payment method, the sportsbook will have to approve and process your withdrawal request.

Now, these requests typically get approved fast, in 24–48 hours, on average, but check the bookmaker’s terms and conditions since every betting site has its own processing timeframe.

Check the Betting Terms

No matter if a betting site offers instant withdrawals or not if you sign up for one of their bonuses, free bets, or promotions, there are almost always wagering conditions attached.

This ensures bettors don’t just take the freebies and leave the sportsbook.

Please make sure you meet these bookmaker-specific requirements before you try to withdraw any money.

Choose Your Payment Method Wisely

Not all fast payment methods are equally fast. Some take minutes, some may take up to 24 hours to process your money.

So, choose a fast payment method you’re comfortable with.

We’ve compiled a list of the fastest and slowest payment methods most commonly used on the best Indian betting sites.

Fastest Withdrawal Methods

Fast online payment options are available on fast withdrawal betting sites, thus reducing payout timeframes.

Here are some of the most popular ones in India:


  • Processing Time: Instant

  • Processing Fee: Typically none

PhonePe, Neteller, Skrill, as well as AstroPay, are India’s most popular, practical, and secure e-wallets.

Withdrawals from e-wallets are often completed instantly (though occasionally, it might take up to 24 hours), and the money is then credited to your Skrill or Neteller account.

You need to enter your e-wallet ID and press the confirm button.

eWallets are available on 22Bet, Parimatch, and 10Cric.

If you use e-wallets, try these sportsbooks


  • Processing Time: Instant

  • Processing Fee: Typically none

The Indian betting sites that accept cryptocurrencies typically have the fastest withdrawal times, and payouts are virtually always processed without fees and very quickly.

It’s no surprise that crypto is popular at the moment when you consider that it offers the highest levels of security and a veil of anonymity.

Cryptos are available on 10Cric, 22Bet, Parimatch, and 1xBet.


  • Processing Time: 15mins–a few hours

  • Processing Fee: Typically none

Paytm deposits and payouts are supported by well-known instant withdrawal betting sites in India, showing the relevance and appeal of the country’s own digital payment system.

As long as you’ve linked your Paytm wallet or UPI ID to your bank account, withdrawing money using this way is simple.

Paytm is currently available on 22Bet.

Slowest Withdrawal Methods

Of course, the slowest withdrawal methods are on the other end of the spectrum.

These payment methods aren’t bad; they’re perfectly safe and take some time. Here are the most popular ones:

Bank Transfers

  • Processing Time: Up to 7 business days

  • Processing Fee: Depends on the bank

Bank transfers are among the slower payment options, but due to their security, many fast withdrawal betting sites in India accept them.

Although it could take up to seven business days, many operators will allow winnings to be credited directly into your bank account. Extra processing fees might also be charged, depending on your chosen bank.

Visa and MasterCard

  • Processing Time: Up to 5 business days

  • Processing Fee: Depends on the bank

Visa and Mastercard withdrawals aren’t high on our list, although they are very common in India.

22Bet accepts the two payment options.

However, these transactions take up to five business days, and a fee is often attached, which will depend on the bank of your choice.

You can try the slower withdrawal methods if you don’t mind waiting.

It doesn’t matter which Indian betting site you use; the withdrawal request processes are practically the same everywhere.

The key focus for Indian gamers should be on selecting the payment option they are most comfortable with.

Registered players who wish to cash out their winnings must follow a straightforward process that consists of only a few simple steps:

  1. When you’ve won and decide to withdraw your winnings, select “Cashier” from the menu, then “Withdrawal.”
  2. Then, select your preferred mode of payment and “Enter Amount to Withdraw.”
  3. Confirm the transaction and wait for the money to be transferred.

Your money will be available to you immediately or within a few hours.

Typical Withdrawal Times

The payment processors determine the processing time, and the specific sportsbook has little to no control over it.

However, some general withdrawal times are:

Payment MethodAverage Time
Paytm15 minutes
UPI10–15 minutes
VISAup to 5 business days
MasterCardup to 5 business days
Bank Transferup to 7 business days
Average Withdrawal Times

Of course, these transactions can be slowed down if you haven’t verified your account, for example.

Can I Cancel My Withdrawal?

Yes, most betting sites will allow you to cancel your withdrawal after making a request.

If this option is available, you will have a “Cancel Withdrawal” option in the “My Account” part (where you request a withdrawal).

If there’s no “Cancel Withdrawal’ option, you might need to contact the customer support team and request that your withdrawal be cancelled.

Many of the sites mentioned above make life a lot easier for bettors on the go by providing superb fast withdrawal mobile apps.

The withdrawal process via an app is typically the same as for a desktop, and this typically requires the bettor to:

  1. Navigate to the ‘banking’ or ‘payments’ area of the mobile app.
  2. Choose “withdrawals”
  3. Select their preferred withdrawal method and enter the desired amount.

Of course, every bookmaker is unique, but don’t worry—withdrawing from an app isn’t any trickier than it is from a PC.



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