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The Ultimate Betting Account Verification Guide for 2022

The Ultimate Betting Account Verification Guide for 2022

If you’re a betting beginner, you might wonder why bookmakers ask you to submit so many documents. It would be so much easier just to load an online sportsbook and start betting, wouldn’t it?

Well, no. Verifying your betting account might seem like a hassle, but it exists to protect you and your winnings.

Our team has put together this detailed guide to simplify the verification process.

Betting Sites With Easiest Verifications

To make the verification process as quick as possible, we’ll show you which docs you’ll most likely need and give you some tips.

All of the top betting sites in India accept government-issued documents, such as national ID card, passport, driver’s license, and so on.

Depending on the sportsbook, they might also ask you to send them a bill or a bank statement.

Please note that they shouldn’t be older than six months, and they should also have your full name and address.

You also need to ensure that the information on the documents you’re submitting is identical to the information you gave the bookmaker while creating your betting account.

The bookmaker will use those details to confirm your identity.

It’s essential the information matches exactly.

Otherwise, you risk being rejected by the bookmaker, or the docs will be returned to you, and you’ll have to reupload them and ask for verification again.

The documents you need can be divided into two groups:

The Proof of IdentityThe Proof of Address
ID cardBills
Driving licenseCredit card statement
PassportLocal authority pass bill
Verification Documents

We advise you to have these docs on hand, so the verification process goes smoothly.

How to Deliver the Documents

If you have a good internet connection, you can send the docs very quickly.

All you need to do is:

  1. Take photos of the documents the bookmaker requires to verify your identity
  2. Upload them to your betting account

and the customer support team will verify the info.

We have detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to do this below.

Try Verifying Your Betting Account at These Sportsbooks

When to Send the Documents

Most bookmakers will require you to verify your betting account within 30 days of creating it.

Sometimes you’ll need to verify it before depositing or withdrawing money. As a matter of fact, you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings unless you verify your identity.

We advise you to verify your identity as soon as you register for your betting account. If you have the docs ready, applying for the verification process will take only a few minutes.

Moreover, most bookmakers will allow you to verify your identity while signing up for an account.

Are Your Documents Safe?

Online bookmakers comply with rigorous data policy guidelines and seriously treat customer privacy and verification.

Your personal data is completely secure.

You can always visit the Privacy Policy or Security pages for further details.

There, you can find details on:

  • What data they gather
  • How they use your info, and
  • Who they share it with

among other things.

Every player’s personal and bank data is kept safe and secure.

Sports Betting Sites That Keep Your Data Safe

This process is similar for all bookmakers, but we’ll take 10Cric as an example.

1. To access the account verification option, you’ll need to hover over your name.

2. You’ll see a list of options.

10Cric Account Verification Step One
10Cric Account Verification Step One

3. Click on “Account Verification.”

10Cric Account Verification Step Two
10Cric Account Verification Step Two

4. You’ll be redirected to the account verification page.

10Cric Account Verification Step Three
10Cric Account Verification Step Three

5. From the menu, choose the document you want to upload.

10Cric Account Verification Step Four
10Cric Account Verification Step Four

6. Upload the photo, and there you have it!

Your account verification process is almost done.

Now you need to wait for the support team to check the info, and you’ll be a verified bettor!

The Process Is as Easy at Other Bookmakers, Too

Anyone can create a fake profile on social media or pretend to be someone else, making the internet a somewhat dangerous place.

Even though it could appear to be all in good fun, the moment actual money is involved, it becomes very real.

This is why reputable gaming sites are required to protect a player’s identity and money.

Age Verification

The primary goal of the account verification process on betting sites is to confirm that you are of legal gambling age.

While you may look old enough to bet, betting sites can’t see your face and must request that you submit a copy of your driver’s license, passport, ID card, or any other document that verifies your age.

Safe Gambling

The best online betting sites ensure players can permanently self-exclude from betting to protect problem gamblers from themselves.

A player who has self-excluded from the site is no longer eligible to make deposits or wagers, and any remaining balance must be returned.

Before making payouts or accepting deposits, betting sites must confirm that a player has an active account and is not self-excluded.

Anti Money Laundering

Besides identity verification, betting sites will often require you to prove that you are the owner of the money you’re depositing.

This is to prevent any illegal activity, such as money laundering.


The bookmakers take all required precautions to protect your money.

You can withdraw only to bank accounts and eWallets registered in your name, and nobody can steal your funds if you confirm your identity and payment method.


If you deposited with an online bookmaker and won a few bets, you naturally want to withdraw your winnings quickly.

Nothing is more annoying than waiting while all of your identity is confirmed, yet your money is still in your account.

An unconfirmed account is a significant obstacle preventing a bookmaker from processing your payment.

These Bookmakers Will Process Your Account Verification Quickly

This doesn’t happen often, but your verification request can be rejected.

The most common reasons for this include:

  • You sent the bookmaker the wrong documents
  • Document photos are not clear
  • The info on the documents doesn’t match the info on your betting account

You can simply solve this by uploading clear photos and the right documents and ensuring the info on your account matches your documents.

Verify Your Betting Accounts at Our Favourite Bookmakers


No, you can’t withdraw your winnings before you verify your betting account. As we mentioned, this is for your safety, to prevent others from falsely posing as you and stealing your money.

Betting sites know that the faster they confirm your identity, the faster you’ll start betting, so they usually don’t drag out this process. Most bookmakers promise to verify your account within 72 hours, but it usually takes only a few hours.

KYC (Know Your Customer) is the process of verifying your identity. The KYC form will typically appear as a popup on your screen, clearly displayed at the top of the page, or you’ll need to navigate from your betting account menu. The information needed for KYC forms is usually your name and address. After you provide this information, you will be requested to validate it with supporting paperwork.


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