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How to Play Satta Matka Online on Best Matka Sites in India

Satta Matka
How to Play Satta Matka Online on Best Matka Sites in India

Satta Matka is a number-based lottery game in which bettors have to guess two random numbers between one and nine.

It’s so popular among Indian bettors that online casinos have created a card version.

Keep scrolling if you want to know how to play Satta Matka online!

Best Online Matka Betting Sites

We understand that choosing a good online casino for Matka isn’t easy. There are a lot of options making it hard to select the best casino for you.

That’s why we tested the most popular ones, and here are our favourites.

Betway India offers a live dealer Satta Matka game by Betgames. Before you place a bet, you’ll have access to full game rules and terms, so be sure to check them.

Betway Satta Matka
Satta Matka at Betway

You will have 37 seconds to place each bet before the cards are dealt. As usual, you can place as many bets as you want, including the single, double, and triple patti, single bet, jodi bet, and others.

You can also download their Satta Matka online betting app, and play the game wherever you are!

10Cric offers a live dealer Satta Matka Express game. As the name suggests, the game is swift and doesn’t take much time, so it’s a great option if you want to go through many rounds in a little time.

You can choose between five basic bets:

  • Single Ank
  • Jodi
  • Single Patti
  • Doble Patti
  • Triple Patti
10Cric Satta Matka
Satta Matka at 10Cric

According to the casino, their online Matka has mid volatility.

If you’re looking for an online Matka app, you can play the game on 10Cric’s dedicated app.

The rules of online Matka might slightly differ from one online casino to another, so we’ll talk about the general game rules.

Every game starts with a deck of 52 cards, excluding the Jokers, Queens, and Kings.


  • Aces are valued at 1
  • Cards 2 through 9 are taken at face value, and
  • 10 is valued at 0

You are betting on numbers from 0 to 9, and you can place a bet twice:

  1. Before the opening time (prior to choosing the cards) and
  2. Before the closing time (before the second draw)

A dealer will shuffle the cards at the beginning of each game, and you can select three.

This is known as the first draw, the opening time, or the opening panna/pana/patti.

The cards will then be rearranged in ascending order.

The exception to this rule is the 0 card, which will always be placed as the last one of your three chosen cards.

Then, it’s time to calculate the Satta number.

The three cards the dealer has picked are added up, and if the sum is double digits, the first one gets dropped.

Let’s say you’ve picked 4, 1, and 7. The cards would first be rearranged in ascending order (1, 4, 7) and then added up (1 + 4 + 7 = 12).

Since the sum is double digits, we’ll drop the first one (1) and get 2.

Your selection would be 1, 4, 7 * 2.

4. Then, you should pick a second set of cards, known as the second draw, the closing time, or the closing panna/pana/patti.

The process is the same — you pick three cards, they’re rearranged in ascending order, added up, and you get your selection.

So, imagine you picked 8, 2, and 6 this time.

They’re first rearranged in ascending order (2, 6, 8), added up (2 + 6 + 8 = 16), and then you’re left with 6 because the first digit is always dropped.

Your second selection would then be 2, 6, 8 * 8.

Your final selection now is 1, 4, 7 * 2 X 8 * 2, 6, 8.

The 2 and 8 you got after adding up the cards are the actual numbers you have put your bet on.

You will either win or lose, depending on which numbers you placed your bet on before selecting the cards.

You can place as many wagers as you want on each draw, as long as you do it before the closing times.

You Can Try Some of Our Favourite Satta Matka Casinos

Depending on the casino you choose, these bets may vary, so be sure to check the rules for every casino. But traditionally, there are seven bet types:

Single (Ank) Bet

A single bet is a bet made during either the opening or closing pana. The wager considers the sum of each pana, and you can bet on any number from 0 to 9.

The payout for this bet type is 9/1, meaning you could get ₹900 if you wager ₹100.

Single Patti/Pana Bet

In Matka, a single patti is a bet put on the probable opening or closing pana, with no card values repeated.

A single patti sequence might look like 380, 123, 489, etc., and you can’t bet on sequences like 222, 887, 655, etc.

It differs from a single bet which takes only the total of the three values in each draw into account.

The payout for a single patti bet is 14/1, meaning that you could potentially win ₹14,000 if you wager ₹100.

Double Patti/Pana Bet

A double patti is a wager placed on a possible opening or closing pana, where two numbers must be repeated. The sequence might look like 335, 221, 799, etc.

It’s different from a single patti bet, where two same numbers must not repeat in a sequence.

If you guess the numbers, the double pana payout is 270/1, so you could win ₹27,000 for wagering ₹100.

Tripple Patti/Pana Bet

A triple patti is a bet placed on a possible opening or closing pana where all three cards have the same number, so a sequence like 111, 222, 333, 444, etc.

The payout for triple pana is 600/1, which could potentially bring you ₹60,000 if you wager ₹100 and guess the numbers.

Jodi Bet

“Jodi” is a Hindi word that means “pair.” So, a jodi bet is a wager placed on a combination of a summary of the opening and closing pana.

Let’s take the example from before where you chose pana 1, 4, 7 * 2 and pana 2, 6, 8 * 8. The final combination is 1, 4, 7 * 2 X 8 * 2, 6, 8.

If you were to place a jodi bet, you would be betting on the combination of the opening and closing pana sum, which is 28.

Jodi bets typically pay out 90/1 or 95/1, which means that you could get ₹9,000 or ₹9,500 for a win if you wager ₹100.

Half Sangam Bet

A half sangam bet is a wager you can place by combining the opening ank with the closing pana, or the closing ank with the opening pana.

Let’s take the same example again:

Your opening ank is 1, 4, 7 * 2, and your closing ank is 2, 6, 8 * 8.

A half sangam bet would be either 147 X 7 or 268 X 2.

This is a risky bet, but the payout is 1,400, which means you would get ₹140,000 for wagering ₹100.

Sangam Bet

A sangam bet is formed by combining the opening and closing panas. This means that you can bet on 127 X 268.

The payout for this bet is the highest — 15,000/1, which means that you could get ₹1,500,000.00 if you wager ₹100.

However, the risk is also great.

Try Different Bets at the Best Online Casinos


No, Satta Matka is not illegal, as long as you play it in an online casino that’s based outside of India and offers deposits and withdrawals in Indian rupees.

Yes, you can. To spare you looking for the best Matka site in India, we tested the best ones and have full reviews. Be sure to read them before selecting a casino.

Yes, online Matka is safe, as long as you play it at a safe online casino, like the ones on our lists.

Satta Matka is a game of chance, meaning that winning depends solely on your luck. There’s no secret trick or tip that could help you increase your chances or guarantee a win.


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