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Top Dragon Tiger Online Casinos for Real Money

Cover image for post In-Depth Dragon Tiger Casino Reviews
In-Depth Dragon Tiger Casino Reviews
Top Dragon Tiger Online Casinos for Real Money

Thanks to the simple rules and speed of play, Dragon Tiger has quickly become one of the most popular casino games.

If you’re looking for online casinos to play Dragon Tiger for real money, you’re at the right place.

We bring you the best online casinos and tips on playing the game after testing various online platforms.

Let’s jump straight to it.

Best Live Dragon Tiger Casinos for 2023

#1: 22Bet

  • Most Number of Dragon Tiger Games

  • Smooth, Intuitive Interface

  • Android and iOS App Available

  • Most Payment Options

  • Excellent Welcome Bonus

  • Lack of Strong Licenses

  • Room for Improvement in Customer Support

The best part about 22Bet is that they have the most number of Dragon Tiger games compared to other sportsbooks.

Dragon Tiger Game Options on 22Bet
Dragon Tiger Game Options on 22Bet

And finding Dragon Tiger on 22Bet was also super easy.

That’s because they are one of the few sites that lists it in the navigation bar on the casino homepage.

Dragon Tiger in the Navigation on 22Bet
Dragon Tiger in the Navigation on 22Bet

We also liked the interface of the game.

The background is sufficiently darkened so your focus remains on the game, and there are no distractions.

The settings to adjust screen size are in the top right-hand corner, while volume, etc., adjustments are available in the bottom right-hand corner.

Dragon Tiger screen and volume settings
Dragon Tiger screen and volume settings

All the data you need about the game is available at the bottom of the game window and top left-hand corner.

You can also add other games. 22Bet allows you to view a total of 4 Dragon Tiger games simultaneously.

Add up to 4 Dragon Tiger Games
Add up to 4 Dragon Tiger Games

Another advantage of using 22Bet over other sportsbooks is that they accept multiple modes of payment, including Paytm and cryptocurrencies (modes other sportsbooks often reject).

So, if you are ever running low on balance, no problem. You can easily add money in minutes.

22Bet Payment Options 3
Payment options on 22Bet

Plus, you can play Dragon Tiger games on 22Bet anytime, anywhere, thanks to its equally fast and intuitive Android and iOS app.

To top it all, 22Bet offers first-time casino players an amazing 100% deposit bonus of up to ₹25,000.

While it is limited to new players, it is higher than Betway.

22Bet Casino Bonus for new players
22Bet Casino Bonus for new players

On the downside, the Curacao license is easy to get since they do not have strict policies.

However, 22Bet has been in business for years and is trusted by millions worldwide.

Plus, they have a responsive customer support chat where you can have all your queries answered within minutes.

See our chat with their support team in our detailed 22Bet review and get a better idea of the response time.

#2: Betway

  • Attractive Yet Smooth Interface

  • No Lags

  • Good Customer Support

  • Android and iOS App Available

  • Strong Licenses

  • Fewer Dragon Tiger Games

  • Cannot Add More Games

  • No Bonus for Casino Games

While the 22Bet interface was neat, clear and more realistic, Betway is eye-catching (yet not distracting).

This adds to the whole gameplay with its Dragon and Tiger skin design and tone.

But at the same time, the screen options are visible.

In short, we love it, and we are sure you will too

Betway Dragon Tiger Interface
Betway Dragon Tiger Interface

As you can see, there are settings for volume, screen size, etc., on the top right-hand side. You can also view game history.

Dragon Tiger Screen Options on Betway
Dragon Tiger Screen Options on Betway

At the bottom, you can view details about the game.

Dragon Tiger Game info on Betway
Dragon Tiger Game info on Betway

While you can switch to other games, you cannot play or view multiple games simultaneously on Betway, like on 22Bet.

To switch games, you can use either the ‘More Games’ on the screen or click on any game you see in the Recently Played section.

Another thing we like about Betway is that they give you a close-up of the cards (something we didn’t notice on 22Bet.

Dragon Tiger Cards Close up on Betway
Dragon Tiger Cards Close-up

Apart from that, Betway India is also licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, making it a highly trustworthy brand.

Plus, their customer support is top-notch.

On the downside, they also have limited games for Dragon Tiger.

Plus, you’ll have to use the search bar to find Dragon Tiger games (unlike 22Bet)

Betway Dragon Tiger Options
Betway Dragon Tiger Options

We only put it #2 and not #1 because of the lower number of games and payment modes.

Also, there were no bonuses for casino players when writing the post.

However, this may change later, so do check out the promotions page once in a while.

Unlike Satta Matka, which requires some math knowledge, Dragon Tiger is straightforward.

To play the game, you need six decks of cards. Jokers are excluded.

Aces have a value of one, making them the lowest cards, while the King has the highest value.

Dragon Tiger Cards
Card Values

You only play the game with two cards; the goal is to bet on the Dragon or the Tiger.

Some game versions also include side bets, which we’ll discuss later.

Game Rules

The dealer draws two cards in each round.

Dragon Tiger Dealer Drawing Cards
Dealer Drawing Cards

You should place a bet on whichever card you believe will have a higher value — very similar to Andar Bahar.

You bet on the Dragon if you believe it will win. Put your money on the Tiger square to the right if you think Tiger will win.

You can also wager on a tie and a suited tie.

You can place two types of bets in this game — regular and side bets. Let’s see what each one is like.

Regular Bets

You can place four different regular bets:

  • Dragon: You wager that the Dragon card will have the highest value. The RTP for this bet is 96.27%.
  • Tiger: You wager that the Tiger card will have the highest value. The RTP for this bet is also 96.27%.
  • Tie: You wager that both Dragon and Tiger will have the same value, no matter which suit they belong to. The RTP for this bet is 89.64%.
  • Suited Tie: You wager that both Dragon and Tiger will have the same value and belong to the same suit of cards. The RTP for this bet is 86.02%.

Most online casinos will allow you a free practice run to try out the game before placing a bet.

You can use this to try out different bets.

Side Bets

As we mentioned, most online casinos accept side bets, and there are three types you can choose from:

1. Big/Small Side Bets:

  • Big Tiger: You wager that the Tiger will be above seven
  • Small Tiger: You wager that the Tiger will be below seven
  • Big Dragon: You wager that the Dragon will be above seven
  • Small Dragon: You wager that the Dragon will be below seven

The RTP for all Big/Small side bets is 92.31%.

2. Suit Side Bets:

  • Suit Dragon: You wager on which suit the Dragon will be, with the seven excluded
  • Suit Tiger: You wager on which suit the Tiger will be, with the seven excluded

The RTP for all suit side bets is 86.02%.

3. Odd/Even Side Bets:

  • Tiger Even: You wager that the Tiger will be an even number
  • Tiger Odd: You wager that the Tiger will be an odd number
  • Dragon Even: You wager that the Dragon will be an even number
  • Dragon Odd: You wager that the Dragon will be an odd number

The RTP for all Odd/Even side bets is 92.31%

Play Dragon Tiger Online on These Trustworthy Casinos

Dragon Tiger Odds and Win Probability

The payouts and odds will depend on which Dragon Tiger game you play.

However, here’s a table with the most common payouts online casinos offer.

BetPayoutOddsRTP/House Edge
Suited Tie50:11.68%89.64%/13.16%
Regular bet payouts and Odds

*As we mentioned, the payout differs depending on the game.

For example, Live Dragon Tiger by Evolution Gaming has an 11:1 payout, while Live Dragon Tiger by Ezugi has an 8:1 payout.

BetPayoutOddsRTP/House Edge
Suit Dragon3:123%92.31%/7.69%
Suit Tiger3:123%92.31%/7.69%
Big Dragon1:146.15%92.31%/7.69%
Small Dragon1:146.15%92.31%/7.69%
Big Tiger1:146.15%92.31%/7.69%
Small Tiger1:146.15%92.31%/7.69%
Dragon Even1:146.15%92.31%/7.69%
Dragon Odd1:146.15%92.31%/7.69%
Tiger Even1:146.15%92.31%/7.69%
Tiger Odd1:146.15%92.31%/7.69%
Side Bets Payouts and Odds

And please note that your probability of winning isn’t 50/50 because you have the chance of a Tie.

The probability of winning Dragon Tiger is 46.26%.

Dragon Tiger Live Casino

Online live Dragon Tiger games use cutting-edge player interfaces and HD live streaming to mirror the live casino experience for you.

And you don’t have to worry, you can play anonymously, using only your casino nickname — you won’t have to turn your camera on.

You always have the live chat feature if you decide to chat with other players or the dealer.

Each game round lasts 25 seconds, out of which 15 seconds are used for putting bets and 5 seconds are used for the dealer’s card reveal.

If we had to pick the best Dragon Tiger live game, we’d go with Evolution’s Dragon Tiger Live table.

This table features four major wagers and is played in a gorgeous live casino studio that streams video using high-end camera technology.

There aren’t really any good Dragon Tiger cheats because no wager in the game has a 50% probability of winning.

We advise against using the Martingale, d’Alembert, Fibonacci, or any other method because they won’t function as intended.

The only Dragon Tiger strategy that works is wagering on Tiger or Dragon. That’s it.

Given that the likelihood of a win is a bit under 50% and that you’ll get back a part of your money in the event of a tie, these bets have the best chance of success.


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