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Online Cricket Betting Sites in India: Bet on Cricket Like a Pro

Cover image for post Finding the Right Cricket Betting Sites
Finding the Right Cricket Betting Sites
Online Cricket Betting Sites in India: Bet on Cricket Like a Pro

When it comes to India, cricket is the betting holy grail. As one tournament season ends, there’s a countdown to another one.

If you’re wondering which bookmaker to use for placing a wager, what league to bet on, or a bet market to choose, you’re at the right place.

Our team tested different betting sites, and we bring you an in-depth guide on cricket betting in India. Keep scrolling!

Best Cricket Betting Sites in India

Finding the best online sportsbooks that will give you good betting odds, bonuses, promotions, a reliable betting app, and cover all your betting needs is tricky and takes a lot of time.

This is why we tested different platforms for you. Check out our favourites!

Cricket Betting Sites Compared

#1: 22Bet

If you’re passionate about cricket and retro design, you should check out 22Bet.

Besides live streaming and statistics, 22Bet offers the largest number of payment options we’ve seen, including over 30 cryptos.

You can bet on the IPL, Twenty20, Cricket World Cup, and local matches. There’s also the 22Bet betting app that will provide you with the same excellent cricket betting experience.

22Bet Highlights:

  • Fast Bet Processing
  • Live Streaming
  • Players and Match Stats

#2: Betway

Besides a massive number of bet types — 21, Betway also offers betting on a wide range of cricket markets, both international and Indian.

The sportsbook makes it incredibly easy to deposit and withdraw money through UPI.

Betway also provides some of the best cricket betting odds, which is just one of the reasons it’s a favourite among Indian players.

If you opt for this sportsbook, you’ll also be able to enjoy the Betway boosts, bonuses for new and existing players, and a superb sports betting app.

Betway Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Cashout
  • Fast Betting App
  • Live Betting and Streaming

Cricket Betting Odds Compared

Betting odds are the most important feature to consider when looking for a cricket betting site. The better odds you find, the more money you could potentially win.

We know looking for betting odds is a hassle, so we compared our favourite sportsbooks. Let’s see how the odds for the England vs. India match compare for the “To Win the Match” market.

England vs. India Odds Comparison

As you can see, all three sportsbooks offer the same odds for the favourite, while 22Bet offers slightly better odds for the underdog.

Of course, odds vary depending on the match and league, so we recommend comparing different sportsbooks before placing a bet.

One Day Internationals

The 2022/2023 international cricket season lasts from September 6, 2022, to April 13, 2023.

There will be 93 ODIs during this time.

Currently, there are 12 Test-playing nations with ODI status, meaning they can play against each other.

The list includes:

AustraliaEnglandNew Zealand
PakistanWest IndiesIndia
Sri LankaSouth AfricaZimbabwe
ODI Teams

Choose your favourite wisely, and start betting today!

If you’re new to cricket betting or aren’t sure which betting market to choose, here’s a summary of the cricket bet markets.

To Win the Match

Betting to win often means risking more than placing other bets since you have a predetermined amount based on the odds. But that makes the win more satisfying.

This sounds confusing, so let’s see how that would work in real life. Let’s say you want to bet on the Tiruppur Tamizhans vs. Salem Spartans match.

Cricket Betting - Betway Bet to Win
To Win the Match Odds at Betway

Since the odds for the underdog are 1.72, you’d have to bet ₹100 to win ₹72, making your total payout ₹172. And that’s provided the Tiruppur Tamizhans win the match. If they lose, you lose the ₹100 you risked.

To Win the Toss

Every cricket fan knows that the toss is the most important part of every cricket match. The team winning the first toss has a bigger chance of winning the game. And it’s similar from the betting point of view.

You must choose which team will win the first toss and place your bet on them. You have a 50/50 chance of winning, so this bet isn’t too risky.

An (almost) risk-free bet sounds too good to be true, so let us illustrate.

Cricket Betting - Bet365 to Win the Toss
To Win the Toss Odds at Bet365

As you can see from the screenshot, Bet365 offers the same odds for both teams, so no matter which team you bet on, you will win ₹190 if you bet ₹100 on them — provided they win.

Top Batter

The goal of this bet is to predict which team’s batter will get the highest run score for his team. As simple as that. This bet is typically available only before the match starts.

The odds are high, but they differ from player to player.

Cricket Betting - Bet365 Top team Batter India
Top Batter Odds at Bet365

The odds will depend on the player’s recent performance, the type of wicket he’s using, if the match is being played at home or away, and so on.

For example, if RG Sharma’s performance improved with each game, his odds would reflect this.

Top Bowler

Betting on the top bowler means betting on a player you think will take the largest number of wickets during the match.

If two or more players have the same number of wickets, then the winner is the player with the least number of runs.

And if this also doesn’t settle the winner, then dead-heat rules apply. According to the Dead Heat match rules, the winnings are distributed proportionately for two or more winners.

Player/Man of the Match

The best player is chosen and named the Player of the Match at the end of every game.

This is typically a player from the winning team. They’re considered a favourite, which is why the odds for them are lower compared to other players.

But sometimes, players from the losing team also get this title if their performance is outstanding. In this case, the odds are much higher, and this is a good chance to win more money.

1st Wicket Method

Betting on the first wicket method means placing a wager on what you believe will be how the first wicket will be taken.

Cricket Betting - Bet365 1st Wicket Method
1st Wicket Method

If you decide to bet on this market, you’ll have six options to choose from:

  1. Caught
  2. Bowled
  3. LBW
  4. Run Out
  5. Stumped
  6. Others

Caught is the most popular, which is why it comes with the lowest odds.

1st Over Total Runs

This is basically an Over/Under bet. In this market, you’re betting on whether the total runs in the first over will be over or under the limit the sportsbook set before the match.

Cricket Betting - Bet365 1st Over Total Runs
1st Over Total Runs

As you can see from the screenshot, Bet365 gave a 3.5 limit for the England vs. India match. If two or fewer runs are in the first over, the winning bet will be Under.

However, the winning bet will be over if there are four or more runs in the first over.

Cricket Live Bets

Live or in-play bets allow you to place a wager during a cricket match while the action unfolds.

Even though it’s a very exciting market to bet on, we recommend it to more experienced players who already know cricket, the specific league they want to wager on, the teams, players, and so on.

Cricket Betting - Betway Live Bets
Cricket Live Betting at Betway

Sportsbooks might offer fewer betting markets, but the closer to the beginning of the game, the more betting markets will be available to you. For example, the top batter market is typically available only pre-match.

We believe that Bet365 is the best option for live cricket bets because of its free HD live streaming and fantastic app.

Know more about them in our comprehensive Bet365 sportsbook review, where we cover more reasons that make it a top platform.

Cricket Prop Bets

With prop bets, you’re betting on more unique aspects that don’t impact the game’s outcome. For example, you can place a bet on the:

  • Pre-match coin toss winner
  • Performance of each team
  • Man of the match
  • Which team will score first
  • Over/Under total runs

Try building a prop bet at our favourite sportsbooks:

The T20 might be the most popular cricket league in India, but there are other leagues you should definitely check out if you want to expand your betting options.

Here are some of our favourites!


The first sports event to ever be broadcast on YouTube, IPL, is one of India’s most popular betting leagues.

Every year, between March and May, bookmakers do their best to provide IPL fans with the best odds, promotions, and perks.

South Africa 20 (SA20)

The SA20 is a new cricket league sponsored by Betway.

The league started on January 10, 2023, and is about to shake things up in the world of cricket.

The event lasts for four weeks, and includes 33 matches, six global franchises, and 102 local and global players.

You can bet on the league until February 11, 2023.

Big Bash League

2022/2023 is the 12th season of the professional men’s T20 domestic cricket competition.

The Perth Scorchers, who won their fourth championship during the 2021/2022 Big Bash League season, are the current champions.

In addition to removing the X-Factor and Bash Boost points from the competition, this season saw the establishment of the international draught system.

Additionally, the Decision Review System was introduced for the first time, allowing each team to maintain a review if it is successful.

The league takes place in Australia, and the round-robin competition phase will last from December 13, 2022, to February 4, 2023.

ICC T20 World Cricket Cup

The Cricket World Cup is, without a doubt, the biggest event in the cricket universe. Top nations and players gather for a series of tournaments played in a one-day international event.

When played in the T20 format, cricket becomes incredibly fast-paced. There is only one inning and 20 overs for each team to score as many runs as possible.

These games get off to a fierce start and stay that way all the way to the end because of the powerplay regulations in the opening six overs.

The top division includes Afghanistan and Ireland, which rank outside the top ten. Other countries include:

  • Hong Kong
  • Scotland
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Nepal
  • Kenya
  • The Netherlands
  • The United Arab Emirates

All of these teams have achieved great results on the international level, including the Test matches.

So far, Ireland’s been dominating this league, so keep your eyes on their team if you decide to bet on the ICC WCL. Afghanistan, the Netherlands, and Kenya are also very consistent in their top-notch performance.

The event occurred in Australia from October 16 to November 13, 2022.

T10 League

The T10, or Abu Dhabi T10 League, is a UEA cricket league launched by the T Ten Sports Management and approved by the Emirates Cricket Board.

This is another very young league, but it’s gaining popularity due to its fast pace.

So, how long does a T0 game last, then?

Each match lasts about 90 minutes, and they’re all 10 overs a side, meaning that each team can play a maximum of 10 overs.

Because of this format, the batters don’t have much time to develop new strategies, and they must have an aggressive approach to the game to achieve a good total score.

Maratha Arabians have risen to the top, but the Deccan Gladiators, Delhi Bulls, and Northers Warriors are also strong first-place contenders.

The T10 League lasted from November 23 to December 4, 2022.

T20 Blast

The T20 Blast is a fairly new cricket tournament gaining popularity. The league occurs across England and Wales. Thus, you won’t find any Indian teams.

Eighteen teams are divided into North and South divisions, with nine in each.

The tournament starts with a group stage where each team plays home and away against six other teams in their group. After this, they play single games with the two remaining teams.

Since this is an annual tournament, there are changes in the leadership, but Leicestershire Foxes have proven to be one of the most successful teams, with three total wins, while the Northamptonshire Steelbacks are right behind them.



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