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Jhandi Munda Online: Play for Real Money

Jhandi Munda Online: Play for Real Money

Jhandi Munda, also known as Langur Burja, is a dice betting game essential to Indian culture.

Despite its humble beginnings as a common street game in India, it’s becoming increasingly popular in online casinos.

If you want to find out more about the game, how to play it, and what the best Jhandi Munda casinos are, keep reading!

Although the majority of Indians sign up for 10Cric India to bet on sports, the fact that this website also features an online casino means that there are even more possibilities available.

Besides the classics like slots and table games, 10Cric offers their players online versions of the most popular Indian games, such as Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Satta Matka, and Jhandi Munda.

All of the casino games at 10Cric are also mobile-friendly, meaning that you can play them on the 10Cric mobile casino website.

10Cric offers three versions of Jhandi Munda that you can play for real money or free.

Moreover, you can also download the 10Cric app and play your favourite casino games on the go.

Jhandi Munda is a fairly simple game to learn, which means that you can quickly get the hang of it and start having fun.

Jhandi Munda online is played using three six-sided dice, each with a different symbol on it.

In order to win, you must bet on the symbol you think will emerge face-up on the dice.

Moreover, if two or more Jhandi Munda dice sides land face up and reveal the same symbol, a winning wager will pay double or even triple.

The gameplay usually goes like this:

  • Select the symbols you want to wager on.
  • Tap “Deal” or “Play” to throw the dice.
  • Check how many symbols you guessed.
  • If you won, collect your winnings.

Now you can choose whether you want to quit playing, place a new wager using the same symbols, or switch symbols.

The symbols on Jhandi Munda dice are different from those on standard numbered dice. Instead, you are shown six distinct symbols, three of which are red and three of which are black.

The value of each sign is the same, and the color of the symbols has no bearing on how the game will turn out.

The traditional heart, club, diamond, and spade symbols featured on standard playing cards serve as representations for four of the Jhandi Munda symbols, making them instantly recognizable.

The two other symbols are a crown and an anchor. Although these symbols are a little more complex, they all still have the same meaning.

In other words, you’ll win the same amount of money no matter if you bet on an anchor or a spade.

There are no specific terms associated with Jhandi Munda as a game.

Nevertheless, some people give their preferred dice symbol endearing nicknames.

When your chosen symbol appears, it is referred to as Jhandi.

Even though Jhandi Munda online is a game of chance, there are various tactics that you can apply to improve your chances and amp up the fun.

Here are three of the most popular strategies.

Hot and Cold Numbers Strategy

This approach involves classifying symbols into hot or cold numbers.

Hot numbers are those symbols that appear more frequently, and cold numbers are those symbols that appear less frequently.

The results of every previous game when playing Jhandi Munda online are typically shown for players to review.

Low-Risk Strategy

For this technique, you must bet on two of your favourite symbols.

The reason for this is that if you get only one of the symbols, your lost wager is covered, and if you get both symbols or multiples of the same symbol, you’ll profit.

High-Risk Strategy

For this strategy, you have to place your bet on one particular symbol.
You get three chances to roll your chosen symbol, meaning that you have a 50% chance to roll the symbol you wagered on.

Traditionally, there are six players who compete against one another by placing bets on each of the six symbols.

Although the risk is very high, players still enjoy this strategy because it also gives a huge payout if your prediction is accurate.

You should be aware that there is a 1 in 6 probability that each symbol will land on the dice when playing Jhandi Munda for real money.

This makes it a highly high-risk game because there is a 1 in 6 chance that the dealer will roll the dice with your selected symbol face up.

This is why we advise you to:

Try Free Jhandi Munda

10Cric offers free Jhandi Munda games where you can practice a few times and get to know the game before you start playing for real money.

Have a Jhandi Munda Budget (and Stick to It)

Jhandi Munda is a game of chance; therefore, you need to keep a close eye on your spending to avoid blowing through your casino budget quickly.

Avoid chasing losses and stick to your spending plan.

Keep in mind that playing Jhandi Munda online should be about having fun, not chasing potential profits.

Choose a Safe Online Casino

You should always select online casinos that are safe and reliable.

Always choose online casinos that have the latest encryption software protecting player data and are fully licensed.

If you’re not sure which casinos are safe, check our lists — we did all the research and tested them so that you don’t have to.

Jhandi Munda Payouts

Jhandi Munda payouts are primarily determined by the online casino you’re playing at and the amount you’re gambling.

However, the majority of online casinos use the following payout structure:

Number of SymbolsPayout
OneWager and 1x the original bet
Two Wager and 2x the original bet
Three Wager and 3x the original bet
Four Wager and 4x the original bet
Five Wager and 5x the original bet
Typical Jhandi Munda Payout Structure at Online Casinos

As you can see, the reward increases as you place more bets on symbols.

If you’re looking to increase your potential winnings, you should wager on more different symbols.

When playing Jhandi Munda games online, you might also place some side bets.

The accuracy of your prediction of the specific number of symbols that will appear is essential to the profitability of these side bets.

These side bets provide bigger payouts than ordinary bets because it can be challenging to precisely predict the symbols as opposed to regular bets.

There’s basically no difference between the free and real money versions of Jhandi Munda, and 10Cric offers both, as we already mentioned.

The free version was created for beginners who have never played Jhandi Munda online and simply want to get a feel for the game before playing for real money.

Jhandi Munda is available at several online casinos.

Even though the app download process isn’t identical for all online casinos, the steps are very similar, so we’ll take 10Cric as an example.

You should note that online casinos don’t have a separate app for Jhandi Munda, but you can find it in the regular betting and casino app they offer.

So, if you want to play the game on your phone, you should:

1. Log into your betting account

2. Locate the app section

The app section at 10Cric is at the bottom of the homepage.

10Cric App
10Cric App

3. Choose between the Android and iOS version.

10Cric App Page
10Cric App Page

4. Click download

And that’s it! You’ll soon have the app on your phone and you can start playing Jhandi Munda!


Yes, you can win real money playing Jhandi Munda, provided you play at safe and reliable casinos. If you’re not sure which online casino to choose, check out our list above.

Yes, there is a Jhandi Munda app that will provide you with the same great experience as the desktop version. So far, our favourite is the 10Cric Jhandi Munda app.

Even though Jhandi Munda is primarily a game of chance, there are still some strategies you can try. As we mentioned above, the most popular strategies are the hot and cold numbers, and the high and low-risk strategies. There are no guarantees with either, but the game is nonetheless enjoyable, engaging, and quick to play, and it provides a wonderful social and interactive user experience.

Jhandi Munda has one of the highest RTPs available – 97.14%. This means that for every ₹100 you bet, you could potentially win back ₹97.14. This is an average, so you might win or lose more than that, of course. As a result, Jhandi Munda has one of the best house edges for table games in the industry at 2.86%.


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