Responsible Gambling Policy

LegalBet India’s Responsible Gambling policy encourages a responsible approach to online gaming. We feel that gaming should always be enjoyable and practised in a safe and transparent environment.

However, we also want our readers to be aware that, no matter how fun, betting and gambling are financially risky activities. To avoid getting into social, financial, or psychological danger, we believe it’s essential to be responsible and bet and gamble in moderation.

Main Tenets of Responsible Gambling

Our team has assembled a list of main tenets of responsible gambling that will help you keep your betting habits in check.

1. Set a gambling budget and stick to it. It is critical that you have a predetermined budget, which might be daily, weekly, or monthly. Never attempt to go above this spending limit by placing further bets after you have already done so. It might be tempting, but doing so would go against your plan. Also, please make sure that this budget is disposable, meaning that even if you lost it all, it wouldn’t have an influence on your daily expenses, such as food, housing, bills, and similar.

2. Do not chase the losses. Remember that there will be days when you may not win anything, which is perfectly fine. You must stick to your betting plan and not detour from the set strategies. No matter how much you lost, another day may bring more luck.

3. Bet on what you know. This includes the markets you feel comfortable betting on, the teams you know and love, and the sports you enjoy. Contrary to casinos, the team or a player determines the outcome of the bet. Moreover, the more you know about the sport, team, and players, the better your position will be.

4. Do your research. Make data-based decisions. You might have a gut feeling that the game will either end in a draw or that both teams will score. Whatever the situation, looking at the statistics won’t hurt. If anything, it will strengthen your chances of winning.

5. Be patient. You must follow your plans and stick to them to achieve long-term success rather than winging it. You should also separate betting from emotions. It might not be a good idea to bet on a bad day or if you’re in a bad mood since your judgement could be clouded.

6. Track your bets. The type of wagers you place will decide your success, which is why you should keep track of your bets from the start. Take notes of the games you’re betting on, the market type, the stake amount, and the bet result.

7. Talk to someone. Sharing your experience with a trusted friend or family member is one of the best ways to control your online betting habit. Whenever you have a bad gambling day, and you’ll have at least a few of them,  talk to your friends, a fellow bettor, or your family about it instead of chasing your losses.

Signs of Risk Behaviour

Betting and gambling can very quickly go from a fun leisure activity to addiction, and here are the tell-tale signs:

  • Chasing your losses.

  • Stealing or borrowing money to cover the losses or bet more.

  • Lying about gambling to people close to you.

  • Losing track of time and gambling for longer than you planned.

  • Feeling restless and worried when you’re not gambling.

  • Feeling guilty or ashamed of your betting habits.

  • Betting until you run out of money.

  • Unsuccessfully trying to stop gambling.

  • Gambling when depressed, anxious, or worried.

  • Scheduling your life around gambling.

  • Gambling to lift your mood.

  • Endangering family, romantic, and professional relationships because of gambling.

What to Do if You Spot Some of These Signs

  1. If you recognise four to five of these signs in your behaviour, you might be at risk of compulsive gambling. We recommend that you review your habits and limit your gambling accounts.
  2. If you recognise six to seven of these signs in your behaviour, you might be at risk of gambling addiction. If this is the case, we recommend you stop betting, talk to people close to you, and seek their help.
  3. However, if you recognise eight and more of these signs in your behaviour, you most likely have a severe gambling addiction. We recommend that you stop gaming and seek professional help.

The following organisations might help you in defeating your addiction:

  • Hopecare India is a New Delhi-based treatment centre specialised in helping with different gambling-related problems. Their psychiatrists and psychologists provide personal treatment or therapy.
  • Hopetrust India is another reputable centre for providing help to people with gambling issues. They’re based in Hyderabad, Telangana. They provide psychiatric assessments, psychopharmacotherapy (medication), and psychological therapies like 12 Steps and mindfulness, CBT, and motivational enhancement.
  • Alpha Healing Center is a gambling rehabilitation centre in Gujarat. They specialise in cricket betting addiction and offer therapy sessions for milder cases or rehab for severe addiction.