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Best Greyhound Betting Sites in India

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Greyhound Betting Sites
Best Greyhound Betting Sites in India

Maybe you are looking for the right greyhound betting sites, or perhaps you are new to greyhound betting.

We curated a list of the most trustworthy sites in India, along with a guide on everything you need to know about wagering on this sport.

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Top Greyhound Betting Sites in India for 2023

Below, we’ll look at factors like betting markets, greyhound tournaments/races available for betting, ease of betting, licenses, etc., to help you identify the right sportsbooks.

#1. 22Bet

  • Multiple Languages Available

  • No Live Streaming

  • Limited Races

  • Fewer Betting Markets

One of the things that makes 22Bet an ideal sportsbook for Indians is that you have multiple languages to choose from, including Hindi.

Placing bets is easy, too. We love how the bet slip appears on the right-hand side of the window as a full block, giving you a clear view of all the options and settings available.

Betslip for greyhound race betting on 22Bet
22Bet’s Betslip

While only the winner’s betting market is available for greyhound racing, you can choose from various bet types, like Accumulator, Chain Bet, etc.

There’s also a 22Bet app that you can download for iOS and Android. The app is equally intuitive and ideal for anyone who prefers mobile betting.

On the downside, 22Bet does not have live streaming nor provide any insights into the race or performances.

While you can only bet on greyhound races from Australia, you get more betting markets on 22Bet than on Betway.

For example, Betway allows you to bet only on winners. On the other hand, you can also bet on Top 2, Top 3, etc., on 22Bet.

Greyhound markets on 22Bet
Greyhound markets on 22Bet

Another thing to note about 22Bet is that they have a Curacao license.

Since the license does not have strict policies, it is easier to get compared to the Malta Gaming License or other European licenses.

However, this isn’t a deal breaker. That’s because 22Bet has been in the industry for 5+ years, and millions of users log in and bet daily.

Not to forget, they have also partnered with the likes of Brendon McCullum and Emmanuel Adebayor, further adding to their brand reputation.

We compared the odds for the Oxford 13:02 race between Betway and 22Bet.

As you can see in the table below, all 3 sportsbooks predict Spot on Tpol to win and Swift Quinn not to be so swift.

Spot on Tpol3.003.00
Blastoff Simone3.503.00
Lilys Pearl4.004.00
Chadwell Sonic5.005.50
Swift Quinn8.5010.00
The bolded text helps you identify the higher odds. And if they are similar, we highlighted the odds on the better sportsbook.

As you can see, 22Bet offers better odds for most greyhounds than Betway.

This further gives 22Bet an edge over other sportsbooks

How to Bet on Greyhounds

Placing a bet on a greyhound race couldn’t be simpler.

Here’s the breakdown that will help you through it:

  1. First, you must select a betting site and create an account.
  2. Then, you’d need to verify your identity.
  3. The next step is to deposit money into your betting account.
  4. After that, you need to find a race and place a bet on it.

Here’s a list of the safe betting sites you can create an account on to start betting on your favourite greyhounds.

Much like horse racing, greyhound racing is a very popular sport, so there are many tournaments you can choose to bet on.

Here are some of the most popular ones.

Sandown Cup

The Sandown Cup, an annual greyhound race competition with huge prizes, is a crucial component of Australian greyhound racing.

The event lasts three days and is held at Sandown Park in Melbourne, Australia.

After running a 595 meter-long, the Sandown Cup winner can expect to receive a prize of 250,000 AUD, in the equivalent of Indian rupees.

Thanks to the alluring cash prize, huge crowds and more talent are drawn to the race.

Many greyhound betting websites offer the Sandown Cup because of how well-liked the event is in Australia and worldwide.

Melbourne Cup

Another Australian dog racing tournament is the Melbourne Cup.

It takes place at Sandow Park, just like the Sandow Cup, where the region’s fastest dogs compete in the race on a 515-meter track.

It typically takes place in November and offers a massive cash prize of 350,000 Australian dollars in the equivalent of Indian rupees.

Since this is one of the most popular dog racing betting competitions, you can be sure that any sportsbook will have many betting markets for this event.

English Greyhound Derby

One of the oldest greyhound racing tournaments, the English Greyhound Derby, is the best-known dog racing event in the world.

The event usually occurs in June or July in Towcester, England, attracting a huge crowd.

Partly because of the tradition and partly because of the cash prize the winner takes home.

The winner can expect to take 175,000 British pounds in the equivalent of Indian rupees.

It goes without saying that sports bettors look forward to this event every year with great anticipation to place their wagers.

Greyhound Betting Markets

There are numerous dog betting markets available.

Bookmakers provide unique betting markets that allow consumers to try out new types of bets whenever they want to wager on greyhounds.

So, what are the most popular betting markets? Let’s see!


This is the most popular betting market you can find at every sportsbook offering Greyhound betting events.

When placing a win bet, you simply choose the greyhound you believe will win the race.

However, you must remember that the race always has favourites and underdogs.

When we say a greyhound is a favourite, we mean it has a higher chance of winning.

Typically, the odds for favourites are lower than those for underdogs.

This is due to the significantly increased risk of betting on the underdog.


An each-way bet comprises two bets: a win bet and a place bet.

In other words, you’re betting on a dog to win and a dog to finish in second or third place.

A win implies the dog comes in first, whereas a place indicates the dog comes in second, third, or fourth place.

The place bet is often set at 1/4 or 1/5 of the winning odds.

This means that your bet is safer and your potential winnings will be lower.

Straight and Reverse Forecast

The straight forecast wager is a little more difficult than an each-way bet.

For this type of wager, you must guess the order in which the dogs will win first and second place.

Similarly, you have to choose two dogs for a reverse forecast.

However, you can win the bet no matter which of your chosen dogs crosses the finishing line first.

Consider the reverse forecast as the each-way counterpart.

You place two stakes to cover both possibilities, but all that is required is for your chosen greyhounds to be the first two dogs to cross the finish line.


This bet type is very similar to the straight forecast bet.

The only difference between the straight forecast and tricast is the number and order of titles you must predict correctly.

In order to win a tricast bet, you must correctly predict which dogs will finish first, second, and third.

This kind of wager is typically suggested for bettors who already have experience with greyhound betting.


The exacta bet is very similar to the straight forecast, but for this market, you have to wager a minimum of 2 British pounds in the equivalent of Indian rupees.


Trifecta is practically identical to the tricast betting market.

However, for this type of bet, you must precisely predict the first three places and wager a minimum of 2 British pounds in the equivalent of Indian rupees.


Accumulators are among the most challenging bets; even the most experienced players struggle with this.

This betting style requires you to predict the outcome of multiple races simultaneously, which is incredibly hard.

Now that you know all about the types of betting markets and the popular greyhound racing tournaments, here are our favourite sportsbooks for greyhound betting.

Greyhound racing may be a game of skill and judgment, but you can never develop a foolproof betting strategy that will bring you wins each time you place a wager.

However, some general tips will help you make better decisions when choosing the dogs to bet on.

If You’re New to Greyhound Betting, Start With a Simple Bet

Greyhound racing offers many more betting options than most people realize, and we believe these markets are worthy of your consideration.

However, if you’re new to dog racing, it may be wise to stick with simple bets like the win and each way to gain experience before moving on to more complex alternatives.

Pay Attention to the Racing Forms

Most of us aren’t dog race specialists who are completely familiar with each racing greyhound’s recent form.

To fully comprehend the dynamics of a race and make an informed bet, it’s essential to consult the racing forms, which include detailed information about each greyhound’s most recent finishes.

If It’s Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is

You’ve probably heard of some “100% sure-win tips,” but you should never believe impossible promises.

Greyhound racing is about chance and probability, just like all other types of betting, and there is no one-size-fits-all piece of advice, tip, or method that can guarantee you a win.

You can place more informed bets that will increase your odds of winning by doing thorough research and considering your options carefully, but there is always a chance that you’ll lose.

There’s no such thing as an absolute certainty, so don’t wager more than you can afford to lose.


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