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Top UFC Betting Sites in India

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UFC Betting Sites
Top UFC Betting Sites in India

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has become incredibly popular in recent years, not only in India but around the world.

There’s something captivating about it that makes it astonishingly entertaining and fun, including betting on it.

This is why our team has decided to test the best-known sports betting sites in India and bring you the best choices for UFC betting.

Best UFC Betting Sites in India

UFC vs MMA Betting

Bettors new to this world (but also sportsbooks) very often confuse UFC and MMA and use the terms interchangeably.

So, let’s see what the main differences between these two categories are.

MMA, or mixed martial arts, is a full-contact combat sport that includes elements such as ground fighting, grappling, and striking from different contact sports.

UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championship, is a promotion company that started out as a competition to discover the most effective martial arts for unarmed combat.

Over time, UFC grew into a separate discipline, making MMA the umbrella term for all these championships and disciplines.

So, basically, MMA is the sport, and UFC is just a branch of it.

Now that you know the difference between MMA and UFC let’s see how you can place your bets.

  • First and foremost, you should select a sports betting site. As we noted previously, you can pick one from our list if you’re uncertain which ones are safe.
  • Once you’ve made a decision, you should register at a sportsbook and open a betting account.
  • We advise you to test several sportsbooks in order to find the one that best suits your betting needs.
  • You should confirm your identity and deposit funds after opening a betting account.

Please note that no betting site will let you place a bet without depositing funds in your account.

Now that you’ve gone through all these steps log into your betting account and find the UFC section.

Sometimes UFC is categorized under MMA since it’s its branch, so look out for the MMA category, as well.

Find a match that you want to bet on and place a wager.

It’s that easy!

Live UFC Betting

Live betting allows you to place a wager on a UFC fight that has already begun.

This means that you can place bets during a fight on who will win, how they will win, and even how long the fight will last.

UFC betting sites will update the odds often throughout the fight, enabling you to follow the action and react to any changes in real time.

All betting sites on our list offer live betting, but a couple also offer live streaming — a great option to follow both the match and the odds as the action unravels.

For example, Bet365 India offers HD live streaming, which bettors adore.

And while Betway might not offer an HD version of it, their live streaming is still very good.

UFC Betting Advice

While UFC betting is thought to be as unpredictable as any other sport, using our advice and technique still might help you to choose a winning bet for the upcoming major event.

Understand the Style of the Fighters

When analyzing MMA betting odds, you should also examine whether each fighter has a stylistic advantage.

All other fighting considerations may be overshadowed if one fighter excels in takedowns and the other doesn’t have a good wrestling game.

Similar to how a powerful hitter may finish a wrestler before the match even starts if they are unable to take harm.

Before placing a wager on an MMA match, think about these stylistic factors.

Focus On Form More Than Reputation

Many fighters rely on their identities to draw attention long after they have reached the end of their prime.

You shouldn’t expect legendary fighter to suddenly turn their luck if they start losing numerous fights in a row.

By keeping a watch on recent form, you might be able to identify a fighter you should fade or back before the odds reflect that reality.

Pay Attention to Age

As athletes get older, their abilities inevitably deteriorate, and they may look confident for far longer than they can back it up.

Bear in mind that depending on the weight class, there are different age restrictions.

Even the best heavyweights may fight well into their forties, but at lighter weights, fighters over 35 frequently lose their edge rapidly.


The answer to this depends solely on your betting preferences and requirements. You should check out each of the sports betting sites we at LegalBet India provide in order to determine which one is good for you because, as we have already indicated, they are all safe and secure.

Betting on the UFC works just like for any other sport. When you take a look at the match odds, you’ll see + or – in front of a fighter’s name. The + sign indicates that the fighter is a favorite, thus the odds will be lower for them, while the – sign indicates the fighter is an underdog and the odds for them are typically significantly higher.

No one can guarantee that betting on UFC will be successful or profitable. However, you should approach it like betting on any other sport — as something you do for fun, not for profits.


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