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Best Sites to Play Online Teen Patti in India

Cover image for post A Guide on How and Where to Play Teen Patti Online
A Guide on How and Where to Play Teen Patti Online
Best Sites to Play Online Teen Patti in India

Teen Patti, also known as 3 Patti, is one of India’s most popular online casino games. Nostalgia and simple game rules are just some reasons players in India love this game so much.

Our team has tested and reviewed the top online casinos that offer Teen Patti. Here are our experiences, along with detailed instructions on how to play Teen Patti online.

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Where to Play Online Teen Patti for Real Money

#1: 22Bet


Good Number of Teen Patti Games

Stream Multiple Games at Once

Most Payment Modes

Android and iOS App Available

Excellent Welcome Bonus

Good Customer Support


Weak License

Self Exclusion Takes Time

22Bet India offers the most Teen Patti games. These include live dealer 3 Patti games by Ezugi, Supernowa, and TVbet.

You can play a 3-card, one-day, 20–20, and classic Teen Patti and participate in a face-off.

Furthermore, you can even try some of these games for free before finding your favourite version and committing to it.

22Bet Teen Patti
22Bet Teen Patti

Most games are in Hindi, but Supernowa also offers them in English and Gujarati, allowing Indian players to choose a preferred language.

22Bet lists Teen Patti under the Hindi Style category, where you’ll find Andar Bahar and other games.

Hence, we recommend using the search bar for a more accurate result.

Search for Teen Patti on 22Bet
Search for Teen Patti on 22Bet

And if you want to play multiple games at once, no problem.

22Bet is one of the few platforms that allows you to stream and bet on four games simultaneously. As we did below, you can pick four Teen Patti games or other casino games.

Stream Multiple Games on 22Bet
Stream Multiple Games on 22Bet

You can also choose to play your favourite Teen Patti game on fullscreen, unlike with Betway.

Teen Patti in Fullscreen on 22Bet
Play Teen Patti in Fullscreen on 22Bet

And when you run out of balance, 22Bet makes it easy and quick to deposit. That is because they have the most payment options available.

Apart from UPI, they also accept other modes like Paytm, Cryptocurrencies, etc., that other casinos like Betway don’t accept.

Payment Options on 22Bet
Payment Options on 22Bet

And you can play or make deposits just as easily from your mobile with their Android and iOS app.

However, they do not have the same authoritative license as Betway.

That’s because 22Bet has a Curacao license which is easier to get since they do not have strict adherence policies.

Furthermore, you must contact the support team to put limits or self-exclude. Ideally, we want 22Bet to give players control over it, as contact support makes the process longer.

However, since the customer support at 22Bet is quicker, it takes less time than on a platform like 4Rabet.

One thing we love about 22Bet is that their bonuses for casino players trump Betway and most others.

22Bet Bonus Page
22Bet Bonus Page

While we didn’t find any Teen Patti exclusive bonus at the time of the review, new players definitely want to check out their welcome bonus.

Apart from that, they also release new bonuses and offers occasionally, so keep an eye out for them on the promotions page.

#2: Betway


Excellent Reputation

Globally Accepted Licenses

Great Customer Support

Strongly Committed to Responsble Gambling

Android and iOS App Available


Fullscreen Gameplay Unavailable

Fewer Casino Bonuses

Cannot Play Multiple Games

Only 5 Teen Patti Games

When it comes to licenses, there’s no online casino that matches up to Betway for Teen Patti.

One of the reasons for this is that they are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the UK Gambling Commission.

Unlike other licenses, these have strict policies and checks, and any violation means Betway is at serious risk of losing them.

Furthermore they also have licenses to operate across countries like Spain, Italy, Germany, the UK, Belgium, the US, etc.

Their commitment to responsible gaming is also the best compared to others on the list.

As covered in our Betway casino review, you can place deposit limits or self-exclude anytime, unlike on Parimatch or 10Cric, where you must contact customer support.

Responsible Gambling Options on Betway
Responsible Gambling Options on Betway

This makes the process long, as you might have to exchange multiple emails or messages before any limit is placed, or you can self-exclude.

Coming to Teen Patti, Betway offers live dealers Teen Patti by Ezugi and Evolution.

You can choose between the classic and 20–20 versions (yes, the options are limited compared to 22Bet).

Teen Patti Games on Betway
Teen Patti Games on Betway

In the classic version, you’ll play against the dealer and have eight side bets available.

On the other hand, if you choose the 20–20 version, you’ll be playing against another player and will have two side bets available.

Either way, the main advantage is that you can play and interact with others while being completely anonymous.

You won’t have to turn on your camera or disclose your real name.

We tested 3 games, and all of them worked smoothly. Betway also allows you to switch to other Teen Patti games or Recently Played Games with a click.

This option is available on the right-hand side of the window.

Switch Other Games on Betway
Switch Other Games Instantly

However, you cannot make the game windows fullscreen.

Furthermore, you’ll have to use the search bar to find these games since Teen Patti isn’t listed as one of the main games on the casino homepage.

Search for Teen Patti on Betway
Search for Teen Patti on Betway

Another limitation of Betway is that it does not allow you to play multiple games simultaneously, as you could on 22Bet.

Plus, there aren’t amazing or eye-catching bonuses for Casino players, as you would find on 22Bet.

However, we’d recommend you keep an eye on the promotions page for updates, as this is subject to change.

On the bright side, Betway has an intuitive app for iOS and Android users.

#3: Parimatch


Most Teen Patti Games

Android and iOS App Available

Good Casino Bonuses

Good Customer Support


Weak License

Self-Exclusion Isn’t Easy

Need to Search for Teen Patti

Parimatch India is known for providing players with their favourite games, so 3 Patti had to be included on their platform.

You can choose between seven-game providers, such as Ezugi, Super Nova, and One Touch, and play live dealer Teen Patti.

Parimatch Teen Patti
Teen Patti at Parimatch

Don’t worry, as with other online casinos, you can stay completely anonymous without turning your camera on to play.

You can play 20–20, one-day, express, Bombay, and classic Teen Patti. As expected, Ezugi is among the game providers, along with mPlay, OneTouch, and Evolution.

Parimatch allows you to enjoy these games in fullscreen as well.

Play Teen Patti in Fullscreen on Parimatch
Play Teen Patti in fullscreen

However, you’ll have to search for these games on Parimatch as well using the search option on the left-hand side of the screen.

Teen Patti Search on Parimatch
Teen Patti Search on Parimatch

You can also play your favourite Teen Patti games on the phone with their Android and iOS app, which is at par with Betway and 22Bet regarding speed, user-friendliness, etc.

They also have multiple bonuses for casino players.

There was nothing specific to Teen Patti, but you can use the generic ones like the Weekly 10% LC Cashback.

Comparing the platform to Betway and 22Bet, Parimatch has good customer support.

You can expect quick replies on the chat, and they are well-informed about the product.

However, they also have the Curacao license, which isn’t as widely accepted as the licenses from the MGA or UK Gambling Commission.

Like with 22Bet, Parimatch also requires you to connect with the support team for responsible gambling.

All in all, Parimatch is the ideal casino for you if you need variety for Teen Patti. If not, we’d recommend going with Betway.

How to Play Teen Patti

Indian flush, tri-card, 3 Patti, or Teen Patti; the game might be known under several different names but has very similar rules.

It resembles poker and the English game three card brag in many ways.

Only Andar Bahar rivals it when it comes to popularity.

The main difference between Teen Patti and online poker is that this game is played with three cards.

The basic version of the game supports up to ten players.

Like poker and Satta Matka, there is a dealer and cards are given to players.

The game’s goal is to either win with the best hand or force your rivals to fold before the cards are revealed.

Teen Patti Rules and Gameplay

As we mentioned, the 3Patti rules are very simple:

  • The game is usually played with 3–7 players, though the maximum is ten for the classic version
  • It’s played with one deck of 52 cards with Jokers removed
  • You have to choose whether you’ll play seen (take a look at your cards) or blind (not look at your cards)
  • If you start by playing blind, you can switch to playing seen during different rounds of the game
  • The current stake determines the amount each player has to wager. Blind players have to wager 1x or 2x the stake, while seen players have to wager 2x or 4x the stake
  • In contrast to poker, the game goes on as long as necessary around the table, and a showdown is only possible when there are only two players left


1. Place Your Bet

To enter the game, each player must place a bet (ante or boot).

2. Seen or Blind

Then, each player has to choose whether to look at their cards (play seen) or not (play blind).

You will need to wager at least double the ante if you choose to play seen.

Blind players must match the ante to risk losing less money.

3. Bet or Fold

The player on the dealer’s left will either place the next bet or choose to fold.

The game continues clockwise, with seen players having to wager more than blind players.

Now can be a good time to fold if you’re playing seen and your hand, also known as a sequence, isn’t strong.

4. Reveal the Hands

When just two players are left, one can pay for a show.

After that, they compare hands, and the player with the best hand wins the pot.

Otherwise, the final player standing wins the pot if everyone else folds.

Now that you know the rules, try your luck playing 3 Patti at these trusted online casinos.

Knowing the sequence ranking is essential for deciding on how to bet.

Here’s how online casinos rank Teen Patti hands:

  • Three of a kind (trio) — the player has three cards with the same numerical value
  • Straight flush (run) — the player has cards of the same suit and next to one another in value
  • Straight (normal run) — the player has cards with the same numerical value but from different suits
  • Flush (colour) — the player has three cards of the same suit
  • Pair — the player has two cards of the same value
  • High card — if no player has a pair, the player with the highest value card wins

3 Patti Side Bets

Now that you know about the basic Teen Patti gameplay, it’s time to learn about side bets.

Side bets are a great way to add excitement to the game and potentially earn more money.

Pair Plus

One of the most popular side bets is Pair Plus.

This is the bet you make on the initial three cards you’re dealt.

The most common Pair Plus bets and their payouts include:

Mini Royal A Queen, King, and Ace of the same suit 100:1
Straight RunA sequence of three cards of the same suit40:1
TrioThree cards in a sequence30:1
Normal Runthree cards in a sequence5:1
ColourThree cards of the same suit4:1
Pair Plus Bets

The 3+3 Bonus

Some online casinos allow betting on a sequence that would be made if your cards were combined with the dealer’s.

It’s known as the 3+3 Bet and must be placed on a minimum of five cards.

The most common bets and their standard payouts include:

Mini RoyalA sequence of five cards1000:1
Straight RunA sequence of five cards of the same suit200:1
Four of a KindFour cards of the same rank100:1
ColourFive cards of the same suit15:1
Normal RunA sequence of five cards10:1
TrioThree cards of the same rank7:1
3+3 Bets


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