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Detailed Guide to Live Betting Sites in India

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Live Betting Sites
Detailed Guide to Live Betting Sites in India

Many bettors opt for live betting as it offers incredible perks. Players can immerse themselves in their favourite sports and feel all the thrills of shifting odds and up-to-date statistics.

Live betting is a fast-paced way of wagering, which we recommend for experienced players with solid knowledge about the sports and teams they’re betting on.

Due to its popularity, all the major sports betting sites in India offer this type of wagering, but not all provide the same perks.

Throughout this in-depth guide, we’ll introduce you to India’s best live betting sites, the most popular betting markets, and the most sought-after sports for live betting enthusiasts.

What Is Live Betting?

Live betting, also known as in-play betting, entered the sports betting world by storm.

The advanced technology behind live betting allows bettors to place their bets while a sports match is happening, as odds continuously update with every action taking place in real-time.

Sportsbooks that provide live betting also offer multiple other features that improve the players’ experience, which we’ll explain below.

There are many reasons why live betting sites are so popular among Indian bettors.

Firstly, this wagering allows sports enthusiasts to watch the match action unfold before their eyes and place their picks in real-time.

Unlike pre-match betting, bettors can analyze the team’s or athletes’ performance and place their bets accordingly.

As such, bettors can make better-informed wagering, which is only consolidated by the up-to-date statistics sports betting sites provide.

Experienced punters, in particular, can have an excellent experience at live betting sites, as they already know how the team or players have been performing during the season and if there are any injuries to consider.

Sportsbooks also tend to offer odds boosts or unique betting markets for live betting to attract more players.

Nonetheless, please be advised that although these offers are very attractive, you should have solid betting experience before diving into in-play betting.

The fast pace of this type of wagering, which includes quick settling of bets, might become too overwhelming for players who need more expertise about a specific sport, team, or player.

If you’re learning about live betting in India, we suggest you continue reading to discover more about the features sportsbooks offer and which types of in-play bets you can place.

In-Game Stats

In-game statistics are one of the most popular features provided by online sportsbooks.

This feature includes tables and sometimes graphs that detail everything happening in the match.

The most exciting aspect of the feature is that all the data is updated in real-time, thus providing players with much-valued information.

Depending on the sport, the updates will happen according to action.

For instance, the statistics on football betting sites update every minute.

In the case of cricket, you’ll likely see the data update on a ball-by-ball metric.

Regardless of which sport you pick to bet on, the in-game statistics will provide you with crucial data to ensure you’re betting on the right option.

Statistics for a NBA match at a live betting site

Virtual Live Feeds

Virtual live feeds allow bettors to learn about what is happening in the matches in real time.

Like a live-streaming Twitter account, sportsbooks display the game’s actions on the betting page, allowing players to see and understand what is happening in real-time as they place their picks.

As happens with the in-game statistics, the virtual live feed updates minute by minute.

The information includes which player scores, if there was a foul, or any other important action that might determine or influence your bets.

Multi-live feeds

As the name suggests, multi-live feeds allow players to keep up with different sporting events simultaneously.

Although this feature is only available on some live betting sites in India, it’s becoming increasingly popular.

The mechanism is similar to the feature we described above, with the bonus that you can watch the description of what is happening in multiple matches or competitions simultaneously.

Players can also place their bets in the different games without changing the page, which allows for a smooth wagering experience.


Sports bettors often seek out betting markets that accept cashouts. This feature is very simple but has proven to be highly interesting.

This feature allows players to settle their in-play bet while the match is still happening.

Let’s say you placed the wrong pick and see the event going the opposite way of what you expected.

Cashing out before the event ends allows you to settle your bet and minimize your losses.

Likewise, this feature allows bettors to maximize their winnings by cashing out while the odds are still high.

As you can see, this feature is highly valuable and, luckily, often available in live betting.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is the most advanced feature available at online sportsbooks in India that accept live betting.

The feature provides players with a live-streaming image of the event they’re betting on, allowing them to keep up with the game in real-time on the sports betting site.

This feature is highly convenient, as you can watch the sporting event on the same page you place your picks on.

This ensures you don’t miss a single second of the action as you would if you opted for watching it on TV or other live-streaming channels.

Moneyline / Match Winner

Betting on the money line, or match winner, is one of the simplest and most popular options for those interested in in-play betting.

As the name suggests, players must bet on which team or player will win the match.

For instance, you can bet which player will win a particular match on tennis betting sites.

This type of bet is most often available in sporting events that include two opponents and is very popular in football, tennis, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, and UFC.

Spread / Handicap

A spread, or handicap, is a popular betting market that provides one team with a disadvantage (handicap).

The bookmaker will add a few “points” to the underdog to level the playing field and increase the game’s fairness.

Although these points don’t count towards the match’s results, the bookmakers consider them to decide who wins the game in the sportsbook.

Usually, the underdog will receive positive points to increase their chances of winning. Likewise, the favourite might receive negative points to decrease their possibilities.

Totals / Over / Under

The two betting markets described above consider the final result of a match. With Totals, also called Over/Under bets, what matters is the total number of points or goals scored during the event.

Players can place their bets on how many points or goals they think both teams will score collectively.

Betting on “Over” means that you believe both teams will score higher than what you picked, while betting on “Under” allows you to wager on the teams scoring fewer points.


Cricket is the best sport for Indian bettors to wager in play. The thrill of the match, paired with the endless betting possibilities, makes it one of the most sought-after sports at live betting sites in India.

Due to the unique scoring, players have many betting options, all becoming more exciting as bettors can watch the match while placing their picks.

Most cricket betting sites offer a comprehensive list of betting markets, which include wickets, sixes, balls, overs, innings, runs, boundaries, and plenty more.


Betting on football live also brings along thousands of players.

Due to the sport’s short matches, bettors can spend 90 minutes keeping up with the live feeds or watching the live streaming while placing their bets.

The statistics are some of the most impressive in the sports betting industry due to football’s global reputation.

As such, players who follow the sport and already have a solid knowledge about teams and players can use this data to perfect their picks.

The range of betting options is also excellent, with sports betting sites providing multiple wagering options for all interests.


Along with cricket and football, tennis is one of the most popular betting sports in India.

So much so that one of the most popular betting sites in the country, 22Bet India, covers a broad range of cups, competitions, and even qualifications.

Although the betting options won’t be as varied as in cricket or football due to the speed of the action, this sport provides one of the most entertaining in-play betting experiences.

Players can also benefit from the live feeds and live streaming to keep up with the action while making their bets.

As mentioned, in-play betting requires punters to have a certain degree of knowledge and expertise. Since the odds update quickly, you might lose your wager in just a few seconds.

However, if you’re interested in expanding your betting experience and trying live betting, keep the following tips in mind:

Spend Time Learning About the Teams/Players

The most critical aspect of live betting is ensuring you can make quick decisions and predict outcomes correctly.

As such, you should know everything there is to know about the teams or players competing.

Spend time learning about players’ performance, if any injuries might impact the match, how long they rested for, etc.

Every piece of information you can gather will help you make the most appropriate decision.

Follow the Statistics

Paired with your acquired knowledge, you should also focus on keeping up with the statistics provided by the bookmaker.

These statistics are available for all in-play betting options, and the sports betting sites update them in real time.

By understanding what is going on in the competition, you’ll have a better chance of making the right pick.

This remains true for new bets or to settle one you’ve already placed before the end of the match.

Seek the Cashout Symbol

The cashout feature is your friend, and you should always keep your eyes open to see if your bets allow you to settle them before the match ends.

This feature will enable you to improve your chances of making a profit or decrease your losses.

Since not all betting sites in India provide players with this feature, we suggest you always learn more about the sportsbook’s offering before placing a bet.

Don’t Lose Focus on Your Bet

The magic of live betting is that there are endless betting possibilities, and the odds are constantly changing.

Although experienced bettors may be comfortable with this, beginners should be wary of placing too many bets simultaneously.

You might get overwhelmed very quickly as you’ll have to keep up with everything in one or multiple matches, and you can lose focus if you’re not 100% in it.

As such, we recommend you make only one bet at a time.

Set a Budget and Stick to It

One of the essential tips we can give you is to set up a budget before you begin your betting journey.

This remains true for in-play betting or pre-match betting. After you’ve set your budget, stick to it.

You may win or lose, but make sure you don’t go over the budget you’ve established and don’t chase losses.

The purpose of sports betting should always be entertainment, so focus on having fun.



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